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ENIC UKRAINE recaps 2019 and chalks out its pathway for 2020 in its last in the previous decade and the first in the ongoing decade digest «Recognition of qualifications in Ukraine and worldwide».

2019 will remain in the history of our Centre as the year of our 10th anniversary. We have a lot to be proud of and a lot to be striving for: ambitious international projects, fruitful cooperation with our partners within the ENIC-NARIC Networks and in Ukraine, active involvement into the drafting process and reviewing of the national legislation and international documents concerning education, supporting HEIs in organizing the recognition procedure in compliance with the current legal regulations and the best world practices, steady and high-quality everyday work in verification and recognition service provision, informing and consulting on education systems, academic mobility, building fair, comprehensive and transparent recognition procedures in Ukraine, creating positive image and good reputation of Ukrainian education across the world.

All the above-mentioned and more in the new ENIC UKRAINE digest «Recognition of qualifications in Ukraine and worldwide».

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Welcome the meeting-seminar «Foreign documents on education in Ukraine recognition by higher education institutions»



On 1 July, 2016 National Information Center of Academic Mobility (Enic Ukraine), with Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine support, holds a meeting-seminar for the universities` representatives on the theme: «Foreign documents on education in Ukraine recognition by higher education institutions».

The following issues will be discussed with Ministry of Education and ENIC Ukraine Centre participation:

  1. The foreign documents recognition procedure of education in Ukraine reform;
  2. Opportunities and universities` responsibility to conduct the recognition procedure;
  3. World experience, purpose, the competent authorities in Ukraine and timing of the recognition procedure;
  4. Legal documents governing the recognition of Ukraine in the foreign educational documents;
  5. Contents and stages of the recognition procedure, as well as the most common mistakes;
  6. Correct execution of Ukrainian documents on education in order to facilitate the recognition procedure abroad.

The additional information about the event can be obtained by e-mail: evdokimenko@enic.in.ua or fax: 38 (044) 484-64-25.