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Higher education  Research  level Doctor of Science, Doctor of Science diploma Official term of Doctor of Science program in doctorantura - 2 years    
The third (Education and Research)  level Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Doctor of Philosophy diploma Educational component - 30-60 ЕCTS1 (official term of Doctor of Philosophy program in aspirantura- 4 years ІІІ cycle
The second (Master) level Master, Masters diploma 90-120 EHEA credits (1-2 years) ІІ cycle

Master of Medicine, Pharmaceutics, and Veterinary, Master diploma

Educational program -  300-360 EHEA credits on the basis of complete general secondary education (5-6 years)
The first (Bachelor) level Bachelor, Bachelor diploma  180-240 EHEA credits (3–4 years)
(2-3 years on the basis of Junior Bachelor diploma)
І cycle
Basic higher education (short cycle)

Junior Bachelor, Junior Bachelor diploma

120-180 EHEA credits (2–3 years)
(3-4 years on the basis of basic general secondary education)

Short cycle of the І cycle

Vocational education Qualified Worker, Qualified Worker diploma  3 years (on the basis of basic general secondary education), 1-1,5 years (based on complete secondary education)  
General secondary education Complete general secondary education certificate 2 years  
Basic general secondary education certificate 5 years  
Elementary general secondary education   4 years  
Pre-school education

1 EHEA - European Higher Education Area

2 ECTS - European Credit Transfer System

Ukraine educational system is under reformation. When the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education” No. 1556-VII dated July 01, 2014 was adopted, the changes of higher education structure took place. Education and qualification levels of Junior Specialist and Specialist are being gradually removed from the structure; it also relates to the Candidate of Science (Kandydat Nauk) research degree.

According to the entrance requirements of higher educational institutions (HEIs) in 2017 (Decree of Ministry of Science and Education No. 1236 dated October 13, 2016), the HEIs of Ukraine are enabled to carry out admission for Junior Specialist program. The admission for these programs is extended till 2019. The Candidate of Science study is being continued within designated term, in case it had begun till the adoption of the above-mentioned law. Consequently, education and qualification levels of Junior Specialist, Specialist along with Candidate of Science degree are reserved, at the moment, in the higher education structure, and may be considered as levels/degrees of transitional period.

Due to Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education” there is such correlation between previous and actual educational degrees in Ukraine as:

  • Junior Specialist diploma equals to Junior Bachelor diploma;
  • Specialist diploma equals to Master diploma;
  • Candidate of Science diploma equals to PhD diploma.

National Qualification Framework: http://zakon2.rada.gov.ua/laws/show/1341-2011-%D0%9F

It is expected that there will be changes in laws on secondary and vocational education.