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The meeting-seminar «Foreign documents on education in Ukraine recognition by higher education institutions»

Their experience as universities start and organize the foreign educational documents recognition shared specialists from the ENIC Ukraine center.

1 July 2016 National Information Center of Academic Mobility (ENIC Ukraine), Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, held a meeting-seminar «Recognition of foreign education documents in Ukraine universities» for universities representatives.

The event was attended by around 200 universities representatives from all parts of Ukraine.


Head of International Cooperation and European Integration of MES of Ukraine Hanna Novosad opened the seminar. She noted that the Ministry actually released powers a monopoly on making decisions on the foreign documents recognition which, by their nature, have permits. It was a real step towards Ministry functions decentralization and increases the autonomy of Ukrainian universities.

However, the new powers given to the university, it is not only new opportunities but also certain duties and responsibilities to their students as well as to society. The consequences of false, incorrect decisions and those that do not meet international and Ukrainian legal acts may be negative for both graduate and for the University and the Ukrainian education system all in all.

The Center for Academic Mobility director Sergienko Victoria presented the report on «World experience recognition of the role and capabilities of the National Information Center for Academic Mobility ENIC-Ukraine in ensuring the recognition procedure». Victoria Alexandrivna shared experience of cooperation centers ENIC-NARIC with universities, revealed the theme and main tasks of Ukrainian Centre of academic mobility. Also it was presented proposals for universities designed to assist in organizing and conducting the procedure of foreign educational documents recognition.


The Centre ENIC Ukraine Deputy Director Natalia Naumenko drew attention to the international and national legal documents governing the foreign education documents recognition in Ukraine, and on which documents can be registered procedures for recognition and which documents do not require this procedure.

Head of international treaties and recognition of International Cooperation and European Integration of MES Olga Fedotkina introduced requirements for the correct execution of Ukrainian education documents to facilitate their recognition abroad. She cited violations examples that allow educational institutions in the design of Ukrainian education documents.

Senior credential evaluator, Head of the National Recognition Information Centre of academic mobility ENIC-Ukraine Lesia Petruk told about content and stages of recognition procedures in Ukraine according to international and Ukrainian normative legal acts.

Senior specialist of recognition of academic mobility center Olga Harbotli introduced methods, features and common errors in the determination of qualifications equivalence or periods of study and academic and professional rights. Olga examined the concept of «essential» and «non-essential» differences between foreign and Ukrainian qualifications.

How authenticate foreign documents on education and the status of the foreign school subject was opened by a senior specialist of recognition department Tatiana Vagina.

Julia Kondratiuk, specialist of recognition, told the audience about how the features and filing procedures for recognition and registration algorithm described solutions in a single system of accounting.

Speakers answered all the seminar guests’ questions after the presentation.

The National Information Center of Academic Mobility (ENIC Ukraine) nearest plans - conducting workshops, webinars about foreign educational documents recognition on topics of interest to universities` professionals.