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Ukraine and Azerbaijan - cooperation promotion

February 27, 2017 the delegation of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, headed by the First Deputy Minister Volodymyr Kovtunets visited Baku.

Ukrainian official delegation was presented by the head of the Department of International Cooperation and European Integration - Anna Novosad, director of the National Information Center of Academic Mobility SE "Information and Image Center"- Victoria Sergienko and director of the Ukrainian State Centre of International Education - Elena Shapovalova.

The subject of promotion of educational cooperation between Ukraine and Azerbaijan was considered in the course of the meeting with the Minister of Education of Azerbaijan - Mikail Dzhabarov.

The discussion with the Deputy Minister of Education of Azerbaijan -  Jeyhun Bayramov also took place. It considered issues of proper mutual implementation of the current agreement "On mutual recognition and equivalence of documents on education and scientific degree" statements. The agreement has been operating between Ukraine and Azerbaijan since 2000. The delegations of both countries have discussed the reasons of a denial of the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan to recognize diplomas, issued by some Ukrainian universities.

Throughout Ukrainian delegation visit there was also a meeting with the representatives of the Ministry of Education of the Azerbaijan Republic: Deputy Head of the Accreditation and Nostrification Department - Samir Valiyev and  Head of the Nostrification Department of the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic - Emin Nasirov. The meeting had been initiated by the National Information Center of Academic Mobility - ENIC Ukraine. Ukrainian party was represented by Victoria Sergienko - director of ENIC Ukraine Center, and Elena Shapovalova - director of the State Enterprise "Ukrainian State Centre of International Education".

The purpose of the meeting was to promote cooperation in educational documents recognition between Ukraine and Azerbaijan, optimize recognition procedures, develop common approaches, and discuss problems that arise in the course of documents recognition.

It was found out that while running up the recognition procedure both parties are guided by the principles and Recommendations of the Lisbon convention. In both cases the recognition procedure takes three stages: (document authenticity verification, examination of educational establishment status and qualification evaluation). However, due to the cases of discrepancy of some Ukrainian diplomas information, the Azerbaijan side implemented an additional verification procedure for Ukrainian diplomas.

The Azerbaijan party has taken into account information about the recognition procedure of their educational documents in Ukraine, which was presented by the director of ENIC Ukraine - V. Sergienko. Ukrainian side has also expressed its concerns and wishes to obtain the information necessary for the recognition of Azerbaijan documents.

As a result of the meeting both sides have agreed to intensify the information exchange for the mutual recognition of qualifications, and exchange information about the educational systems and changes that occur.

Azerbaijan side has shown its interest in making a return visit to the ENIC Ukraine Centre in order to promote their cooperation.

Taking into consideration an increasing number of Azerbaijan students in Ukrainian universities, the question of cooperation between Ukraine and Azerbaijan is of great importance.