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Broadcasting ENIC Ukraine online seminars for HEIs of Ukraine: data on certificates of recognition of foreign educational documents in USEDE and the new templates of educational documents

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in its letter № 1/9-265, dated 18.05.2021 reminded HEIs of the necessity for timely recognition of foreign documents on education before the second semester of the first year of study of the document holder and informed that from May 1, 2021 the Unified State Electronic Database on Education blocked the possibility to generate an educational document without the certificate of recognition of a foreign document on the basis of which the admission was made.

Also, according to the new form of the supplement to documents on higher education (scientific degrees), approved by the Decree of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, dated January 25, 2021 № 102, information on recognition of a foreign document on education and certificate data must be included in the diploma supplement. In April 2021, the “Information and Image Centre”, with the support of the Ministry and the participation of SE “Inforesurs”, held online seminars for HEIs on the topic: "Data on certificates of recognition of foreign educational documents in USEDE: new modules and functions" and "Introduction of new forms of educational documents: templates and problem issues." In view of the numerous requests of HEIs for materials and clarifications, the Centre organizes additional broadcasting of seminars on June 8 and 10, 2021 with the opportunity to ask questions to specialists in the chat and get access to the answers and materials of seminars on Google Drive. It is possible to register for participation in the above-mentioned events now. The registration deadline is June 3, 2021. The number of participants is limited by the technical parameters of the online platform.

Download the letter for the heads of HEIs indicating the cost of participation in broadcasting of the seminars, the program of events and the registration form. After registration, detailed conditions of participation, draft agreements and acts will be sent.

Based on the results of the training, participants will receive corresponding certificates with the topic of the seminar and the number of hours.

For contacts: Tetyana Yevdokymenko, Tetyana Antonyuk, Victoriia Chelpan (registration and other organizational issues) and Zakirova Elina (on issues of agreements and acts).

Call: +38 (044) 484-64-25.

Email: news@enic.in.ua.