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Ukraine withdrew from the Agreement on Cooperation in the Field of Education

Because of the unprecedented large-scale military aggression of russia against independent Ukraine, and because of active support of this aggression by the republic of belarus, the Government of Ukraine decided to terminate all international treaties of Ukraine with the aggressor country and its ally, the republic of belarus.

On September 16, 2022, Ukraine adopted Resolution On Withdrawal from the Agreement on Cooperation in the Field of Education, conducted in Tashkent on May 15, 1992. Among the participants of the Agreement there were the governments of the aggressor country - the russian federation and its ally - the republic of belarus.

This Agreement guaranteed for the participating states equal rights to education for its citizens, equality of educational institutions, development of partnership relations in the field of education, as well as recognition of documents on secondary, vocational-technical, secondary special, higher education, as well as retraining programs, scientific degrees and academic titles, issued in the participating states before May 15, 1992.