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Life and work of Ukrainians abroad - Estonia`s initiatives

On April 8, 2022, the Education and Youth Board of Estonia, representatives of Estonian universities and ENIC/NARIC centers of Ukraine and Estonia continued dialogue within project "Stair to excellence: enhancing an efficient and solid higher education system in Ukraine" about the recognition of the qualifications of Ukrainians who are under the temporary protection in Estonia, and looking for effective solutions to their integration in Estonia through access to qualified work.

Gunnar Vaht, Director of the Estonian Academic Recognition Information Center (ENIC/NARIC), shared about the legal framework and procedure for recognizing Ukrainian qualifications in Estonia, including those that cannot be proved by documentation. The Estonian Center has established procedures and mechanisms for such recognition, in accordance with the provisions of the Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education in the European Region (Lisbon, 1997) and Estonian national law. As a result of such procedure, a Background Paper of qualification is issued, which gives access to the labor market and further education.

Project "Stair to excellence: enhancement of an efficient and solid higher education system in Ukraine" was launched in December last year by the Education and Youth Board of Estonia and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine to promote international programs, digital learning tools, quality standards in higher education (academic recognition, accreditation, university rankings). The main target audience of the project is the academic community of universities and representatives of international educational organizations.