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Ukraine and Hungary – reaching consensus

An important step towards the development of cooperation in the field of education between Ukraine and Hungary was the signing of new Agreement on Mutual Recognition of Documents on Education and Scientific Degrees between the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Government of Hungary in July 2021. The agreement is the result of the intensive work of the Ukrainian-Hungarian working group on education, and will replace the previous Agreement on Mutual Recognition and Equivalence of Documents on Education and Degrees, signed by Ukraine and Hungary on October 27, 1998 in Budapest.

The need to revise the provisions of the existing Agreement was caused by a number of changes in legislation and education systems of both countries, related to the adoption of new laws and development of the Bologna process in higher education, increased academic and professional mobility between Hungary and Ukraine in the recent years, and was driven by the desire to devote more attention to the education process in local national minority communities.

The recognition agreement covers all levels of education and provides basis for simplifying the recognition procedure of qualifications in both countries, especially with regard to higher education qualifications, in particular doctoral degrees. This will ease the procedure of teacher and academic exchange, which will contribute to the increase of cooperation in the field of education, in-service teacher training, development and improvement of the quality of education of national minorities in Ukraine and Hungary.

After all necessary internal procedures the Agreement will be implemented in the recognition procedure of educational documents of Ukraine and Hungary.