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International meetings on recognition in Rome (April 23-24, 2024)

Implementation of the Lisbon Convention

On April 23, 2024, the final 7th meeting of Bologna Thematic Peer Group B on implementation of the Lisbon Recognition Convention of Qualifications concerning Higher Education (TPG B on LRC), devoted to the importance of harmonizing national legislation with the Lisbon Recognition Convention and carrying out the recognition procedure according to its principles, took place at Guglielmo Marconi University in Rome.

The TPG B on LRC participants summed up the common work experience during 2021-2024, familiarized themselves with the reports on the project and current activities of the group within the meeting framework. The TPG B on LRC members gave special attention to automatic recognition of the qualifications obtained by alternative pathways. Importance of the National Information Centres ENIC-NARIC work, as well as necessity of maintaining education quality standards, transparency and fairness of qualification recognition procedure, enhancement of the recognition of refugees’ undocumented qualification procedure were highlighted in the meeting. The Committees’ Presidents of the other regional recognition conventions raised important questions in the area of recognition in their speeches, specifically regarding the importance of implementation of the regional conventions to the national legislation of the countries; challenges that arise during the qualifications recognition; importance of facilitation and development of student academic mobility at the national, regional and global levels.

Summing up the work of the TPG B group, the participants joined workshops where they discussed the most beneficial for every country activities of the TPG B group and delineated priority directions for further work, namely, micro-credentials recognition, development of digitalization in the education area, staff mobility and so on.

Digitalization of recognition

On April 24, 2024, the seminar, devoted to a holistic view on the investigation of digitalization usage for recognition process support according to the Science and Education Development Strategy by 2030, took place with the participation of Italian universities. Questions of obtaining transparency in the recognition procedure, fast information exchange between the stakeholders, application of artificial intelligence in the educational process, digitalization of the qualification recognition process, digital solutions for verification of qualification authenticity, the educational level and so on were discussed within the seminar framework.