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The profile (or field-specific) secondary education (10th-12th years*) is the third level of complete general secondary education. The upper secondary program is designed to help students create a holistic world view, develop their learning, research and communication skills, ability to process information and apply the acquired knowledge in everyday life.

Profile secondary education is available in academic or vocational streams:

  • academic stream is based on a combination of the content of education, determined by the state standard for profile secondary education, and in-depth study of individual subjects, taking into account the abilities and educational needs of students, aiming at the continuing education at higher levels;
  • vocational stream is market-oriented, based on a combination of the general content of education, defined by the state standard of profile secondary education, and a vocational training component, taking into account the abilities and needs of students.

The educational content and program requirements in upper secondary school are defined by three levels:

  • mandatory learning outcomes defined by the state basic and complete secondary educational standard;
  • profile level with the content determined in the curricula approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine;
  • academic level with the curricula focused on the areas related to the profile subjects (for example, physics in the chemistry-biology specialization stream).

A general education stream is provided for students who have not decided on the direction of specialization.

Educational institutions. Profile secondary education is offered by lyceums - general secondary education institutions of the III level, which can also offer primary and basic secondary education. Technical and vocational institutions, pre-higher, higher educational institutions and other institutions that have a proper license, can also offer profile secondary education program.

Program duration. The period of study in upper secondary school is 2 years, and starting September 1, 2027 it will be 3 years. The number of students in a class is usually up to 30.

Classes. Classes typically go for 45 minutes.

Assessment. Students' knowledge is assessed using a 12-point system, where 12 is the highest.

Graduation. Students graduate at the age of 16-17 after the 11th grade of upper secondary school and State Final Attestation exams. The content, forms, procedure and terms of the exams are approved annually by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

In the 2022/2023 academic year during martial law, students were exempted from taking the State Final Attestation exams for safety reasons.

Educational documents. Graduates who have completed the 11th grade and passed the State Final Attestation are awarded the Certificate of Complete General Secondary Education with a transcript of grades. Top graduates are awarded the Certificate of Complete General Secondary Education with Honors along with either a gold medal "for high academic achievements" or a silver medal "for academic achievements".

The gold medal is awarded to those who have all grades from 10 to 12 for semester, annual and State Final Attestation. The silver medal is awarded to graduates who have all grades from 9 (only two subjects are allowed) to 12 for semester, annual and State Final Attestation.

Profile secondary education in any stream (academic or vocational) does not limit the rights of a person to change it and gives the right to pursue further education at higher levels. Graduates of complete general (profile) secondary education have the right to apply to all higher education institutions.

* Students start the 12-year complete general secondary education program:
• Primary: September 1, 2018;
• Basic secondary: September 1, 2022;
• Profile secondary: September 1, 2027.

By 2027, the introduction of a three-year profile secondary education program is ensured by the decision of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Historical profile:

Complete general secondary education up to 2018

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