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Description of Documents on Higher Education (Research Degrees), Supplements thereto, Academic Transcripts of State Standard

To the attention of Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs)! We would like to ask you to take into consideration the following information regarding educational document layout and its issue preparation.

A letterhead of state-standard educational (research degree) document, its supplement, and academic transcript may not exceed A4 size (210×297 mm) and is supposed to be made with the help of printing technology on the paper, which density is no fewer than 150 g/sqm.

1. Document letterhead design and its anti-counterfeiting technology (if applicable) must be approved by the Academic Board of HEI or research establishment (RE).

2. The text of diploma, envisaged by the corresponding higher education (research degree) template, must be placed only at the front side of the letterhead and is reproduced by means of printing.

3. The reverse side of higher education (academic degree) diploma is designated for Apostille and Consular Legalization stamps and shall not contain any inscriptions.

4. The letterhead of diploma supplement and academic transcript must compulsorily contain a space for Apostille and Consular Legalization stamps, which dimension is no smaller than A4 size (210×297 mm).

5. The centre of diploma front side must contain a depiction of Ukraine Small Coat of Arms and below “УКРАЇНА” and “UKRAINE” inscriptions are placed.

6. The letterhead shall not contain such phrases: “серія та реєстраційний номер, що присвоюється”/“Series, Registration Number of the Diploma”; “прізвище, ім’я, по-батькові”/“ Family name, Given name(s)”; “найменування вищого навчального закладу (наукової установи)/ відокремленого підрозділу вищого навчального закладу (наукової установи)”/“Name of the Institution of Higher Education (Reseach Institution)”; “посада керівника або іншої уповноваженої особи вищого навчального закладу (наукової установи)”/“Position, Name, Surname of the Head of the Institution of Higher Education (Reseach Institution)”; “підпис”/“Signature”; “ініціали, прізвище”/“Name, Surname”; “дата видачі”/“Date of Issue”; “МП”/“Seal”.

7. Higher education (research degree) documents of state standard, supplements thereto and academic transcripts present family and given names of Ukraine citizen, that are written according to the record in Ukrainian citizen passport. English spelling of Ukraine citizen family and given names must be agreed with the graduate till the moment of generating and ordering the information that is reproduced in higher education documents in the corresponding section of Unified State Electronic Database on Education (UEDBE).

8. Foreign person’s family and given names are written in Latin according to the record in the international passport of the foreign country citizen. Foreigner’s family and given names in Ukrainian language are indicated in accordance with UEDBE data, but it is mandatorily for agreement with the graduate till the moment of generating and ordering the information that is reproduced in higher education documents in the corresponding section of Unified State Electronic Database on Education (UEDBE). In case it is impossible to receive a documentary evidence of foreigner’s/stateless person’s family and given name spelling, then its English and Ukrainian spelling has to be agreed with the graduate till the moment of generating and ordering the information that is reproduced in higher education documents in the corresponding section of Unified State Electronic Database on Education (UEDBE).

9. It is not allowed to place a scanned signature and stamp of official seal of HEI(RE)/HEI, RE separated subdivision on the documents of higher education (research degrees), their supplements and academic transcripts of state standard.
The higher education (research degree) document and its supplement must be signed by the authorized person of HEI (RE). There must also be admitted an actual position, initials (name initial), surname of the person, who signed the document on higher education (research degree) and its supplement. While signing the educational (research degree) document, its supplement and academic transcript of state standard, it is not allowed to put a preposition “За” or slash sign before the name of position. Adding words “Виконуючий обов'язки/Acting as” or “В.о” to the name of position is put into practice in case of head deputizing in accordance with the corresponding order (decree).

10. Higher education (research degree) documents, supplements thereto and academic transcripts of state standard shall not be laminated.

11. If diploma supplement on higher education (research degree) or academic transcript are represented on two and more separate sheets, they must be bound securely or held together in a manner that makes it impossible to detach or violate the integrity of the document. At the same time a number of bounded/held pages must be indicated along with signature of authorized person and seal of HEI (RE)/ HEI, RE separated subdivision that had issued a document on education (research degree).

Зразок прошивання додатків і довідок

Example of diploma supplement (transcript) binding

Higher education institution, with taking into account legal terms of foreigner residence in Ukraine, submits his/her educational documents for Apostille affixation to the Ministry of Education and Science, and for Consular Legalization – to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

Educational document legalization and apostille affixation are carried out by HEI representative in such consequence: Apostille affixation – first, then goes Consular Legalization.

HEI must add request letters for Apostille affixation and Consular Legalization to the list of documents. These letters shall include a list of educational documents

(along with first and last name of the holder, name of the educational document, series and registration number of the recognition certificate on previous education, name of the country, where the apostille/legalization stamp is going to be applied), also containing the information about the person who signed the document on education (position, initials and surname).

Official approval of the representative of International Programs Centre of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine has to be obtained for those educational documents, which are issued by HEIs of medical and pharmaceutical fields of study. Its address: Kyiv, 9 Dorohozhytska st, tel. +38 044 205 48 09.

Samples of HEI letters for Apostille affixation and Consular Legalization of educational documents.

Apostilization for HEI


Samples of educational documents are gathered and presented in this section. The samples are systematized by the years, and cover a period from 1961 till today and contain description and mandatory elements of the format. It should be noted that the transition from one document sample to another was often not immediate. That is why an old and new design of documents could have been used during this transitional period. Nevertheless, a single sample and unified letterheads of documents on education have been approved and used by all educational and research institutions until September, 2014.

Due to the entry into force of new Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education",

dated September 6, 2014, the rules of drawing up the documents on higher education have been significantly changed.

For the moment, a unified sample of higher education document does not exist; diplomas and their supplements issued by different universities may vary in appearance. However, there are some requirements for layout of diplomas and their supplements. It is mandatory for documents to be registered at the Higher Education Document Register (USEDE - Unified State Electronic Database on Education), and the documents of state-standard must include and represent an approved list of information.

Therefore we can distinguish such stages of change in the educational document layout:

1. From 1993 till 1997, all educational documents were made by printing method; the letterheads were common for the whole country;

2. Since 1997 there has begun a transition of drawing up the certificates on basic secondary education, certificates on completed general secondary education and diplomas on higher education of unified model (plastic cards) using photo and computer technologies. Supplements to these documents on education are issued on the approved letterheads, common for the whole country;

3. Since 2014 documents on higher education may be made out of any material. Higher educational institutions have the right to issue diplomas of their own sample after completing of non-accredited program and diplomas of state-standard on accredited program, which include the list of mandatory information.

Note! The transitional period in the form of educational documents:

1) from 1991 to 1993 - the issuance of educational documents on the forms both the Soviet and Ukrainian symbols;

2) from 1997 to 2000 - the issuance of educational documents both paper and plastic forms;

3) from 2014 to 2015 - the issuance of documents on higher education, both on the previous year’s sample forms, and on forms approved by the universities.

During the transitional period the documents issuance, both on the previous forms, and the current sample was considered as legitimate.


Лицо, успешно прошедшее обучение по программе последипломного образования, получает  соответствующий документ, образец которого, согласно действующему Закону Украины «О высшем образовании» от 01.07.2014, утверждается руководителем учебного заведения или уполномоченным органом.

Для документов о повышении квалификации установлен примерный перечень информации, которая должна в нем содержаться:

  • Название документа о последипломном образовании;
  • Фамилия, имя и отчество слушателя курса;
  • Полное наименование заведения последипломного образования либо соответствующего структурного подразделения высшего учебного заведения/научного учреждения;
  • Сроки обучения в заведение последипломного образования либо структурного подразделения высшего учебного заведения/научного учреждения;
  • Название программы (курса, спецкурса, семинара, а так же тренинга);
  • Перечень программных результатов обучения и объемы учебной программы в кредитах ЕКТС;
  • Название темы выпускной работы с оценкой, в случае, если этот вид работы предусмотрен учебным планом;
  • Серия и регистрационный номер документа о повышении квалификации, которые самостоятельно определяются учебным заведением последипломного образования;
  • Наименование должности, подпись, заверенная печатью, а так же фамилия и инициалы руководителя/уполномоченной особы учебного заведения.

Документы про присуждение научной степени выдаются Министерством образования и науки Украины. Так же утверджена форма дополнения к диплому доктора философии европейского образца.